Our precious cargo


From the moment you were born I had this instant love for you. I couldn’t stop smiling. We called you our ‘Precious Cargo’ and to us you were perfect. I had the odd sad moment, with random thoughts that perhaps you would never get married or go to a night club (yes they were the thoughts that came in to my head!) but of course I soon realised you could do any of those things.
Perhaps because you had Down Syndrome it somehow made me even more determined to show you the world and all it had to offer. I started to sign to you at 3 months old which seemed a little early but it paid off as by the time you were 11 months old, you were signing too. Sure Start centres were a godsend and we spent a lot of time at baby signing classes, toddler groups and all the other groups.


By the time you were 5 you were attending swimming, gymnastics, trampolining and your favourite, drama classes. It came as no surprise to us that drama and dance was your favourite as you come from a large family of dancers and actors, so as well as your much loved PSDS drama you attended the local drama school, first in the special needs class and later in the mainstream class too. I did wonder how you would cope with this but all my fears were put aside when I watched your first showcase. You were a little star, what you might have lacked in timing you sure made up for in enthusiasm and your beaming smile.

A couple of years ago we decided to enrol you into a model/performing agency and it wasn’t long before you were called to a casting in London. It was for a Sainsbury’s TV commercial. I didn’t really know what to expect but when we got to the audition there were lots of other children there they all had a disability too. It was great that Sainsbury’s wanted to include a child with a disability in their TV commercial. You went into the audition room on your own, which you were more than happy to do as you were full of confidence. Before you went in I could hear from previous auditions that the children had to dance to a One Direction song. Great I thought, as you have a real disliking of One Direction from something you didn’t like to watch in one of their videos (sorry boys), but luckily it wasn’t the song you associated with the video and you came out of your audition beaming. A good experience and good for confidence building I thought and we went back home.
A couple of days later I was informed by your agency that you were heavily pencilled in and then the next day it was confirmed that you had the job. We were all over the moon for you. A few days later you were called to wardrobe where you met your screen mum, dad, brothers and sister.
The fun started when you were called to film the commercial. You had the time of your life and learnt so much about lighting, cameras and following directions. It was hard for you as you were not told what you had to do until you got on set so there was no preparing you for what you had to do but you coped amazingly. On the other hand I felt a little nervous as there were understudies standing by in case you or any of any of the other children didn’t do what they were supposed to! But I soon learnt to relax as I knew you would just be you, whatever that might bring. You had such a fantastic time getting to know the cast and crew. You filmed for 2 days and got treated like a prince. It was a fantastic experience and I can honestly say you were not treated any different to the other children. The commercial was shown on TV around Easter time 2014 you loved watching yourself and your school showed the commercial to your classmates. It was great for your self-esteem.


A few months passed and you were called to another casting in London for a Superfast Broadband TV commercial. This time you appeared to be the only child auditioning who had a disability. I went into the room with you, there were about 20 adults in the room but you didn’t let this phase you, amazingly you took it all in your stride. They asked you lots of questions and you answered them all with confidence. I was a bit worried when one of the ladies auditioning you who was American asked you what your favourite candy was. I thought to myself you are not going to know what candy means but luckily you had recently been trick or treating with friends and answered ‘popping candy’ as you remembered you had got some popping candy in your bag. “Phew, saved the day,” I thought.
A couple of days later we were all thrilled again to hear from your agency that you had been chosen to be one of the 2 children in the TV commercial, again you spent a fantastic time filming. You had to pretend to win a game on an iPad, not so easy as the iPad was actually just a blank screen but we managed to get around it, when one of the crew shouted ‘Spiderman’, you were able to pretend to win the game. Another great experience and more friends made. The commercial was shown on TV around Christmas time and again you loved watching yourself and showing your classmates!

In August you auditioned for a corporate film that was filming in Brighton. You had to do some apple bobbing with another little boy who was also 10years old. You made another great friend who didn’t judge you in the slightest. The crew were fantastic although you were clearly after the director’s job!


You have gone from strength to strength and are currently on two TV commercials;

In March you filmed for Lloyds Bank TSB where you were a background actor. You got to see the beautiful black horses. It was lovely to see you in between shoots interacting and playing with the other boys totally accepted and treated no differently (there were about 30 other children there!)

The following week you filmed for a CBBC ident which we were told is shown 10 times a day for the next 5 years! You just love watching yourself and love buying things with the money you get. You have already chosen to buy Darth Vader gloves when your payments come through! (all those who know Ben know he is a huge Superhero and Star Wars fan)


So now you are looking forward to your next job and as long as you are happy to continue we will be behind you and support you all the way. We are so proud of you.


So here’s to you Ben…Follow your dreams our ‘Precious Cargo’.

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