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Hello. We are PSDS – a charity dedicated to providing support for children with Down syndrome and their families. We’re also dedicated to raising awareness and hopefully raising expectations too!

Our children are wonderful unique individuals with enormous potential. Sharing the same diagnosis doesn’t necessarily equal the same set of outcomes. Having an extra chromosome in common doesn’t mean that all children with Down syndrome are alike. Far from it.

We’re all different to each other. We are all unique. We are all special. Maybe that extra chromosome makes our children extra special……? Come on….we’re allowed a bit of parental bias, our children are amazing!

Seriously, we believe it’s important to look beyond outdated, often inaccurate, labels and focus instead on individual abilities and achievements. Big or small. Focus on the fact that our children are – first and foremost – just children, getting on with doing what so many other children do. Yes our children often have to work harder and might need a bit more help along the way, but reaching a particular goal or milestone after putting in such effort…..? Well, that just makes the sweet smell of success a whole lot sweeter!

We’ve asked families who are members of PSDS to share some of their stories here in our blog. Thank you for dropping in – we hope you are inspired by what you read here.

Please email your entries to blog@psds.info

Please Note – Views and comments shared here aren’t necessarily the views of PSDS or its trustees

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